Carrying out tests incrementally increases the cost of the product, leading to PCB assemblers skipping board-level tests in favor of performing only system tests. For instance, a defective Printed Circuit Board Assembly in a car may cause not only a simple malfunction, but may also result in an accident, injury, and even a fatality.
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Irrespective of whether the electronic circuit board product is a next-generation computer system or a simple mobile handset, inside it, there is a printed circuit board (PCB). The PCB usually has conductive pathways holding the electronic components together by PCB soldering, a process for attaching different metals such as tin, silver, gold, and copper.

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PCB Layout

Our PCB Layouts designers are accomplished users of CAD tools with an good knowledge of PCB Layout design. Get Quote!

PCB Fabrication

Our Offer:

1) Layers:- Single Sided, Double Sided, 4 Layers, 6 Layers up to 24
2) Quantity:- No restriction (Minimum Order Quantity : 1)
3) Delivery:- Starting from 3 working days
4) Mateiral:- FR4-135 Tg, FR4-180 Tg, RT-Duroid, Flexible, RF-Rogers, RF-ISOLA-ITERA, Metal core
5) PCB Thickness:- 0.5 mm to 3.2 mm
6) Cu. Thickness:- 17.5 um to 95 um
7) Surface Finish:- HAL(snpb), Lead Free HAL, ENIG , Immersion Tin
8) Solder Mask:- Green, Blue, Red, Black, White
9) Legend:- White , Yellow
10) ET (Electrical Test):- Yes
11) Layer Stack Up:- Any
12) Customer Data Verification:- Yes
13) Controlled Impedance:- Available
14) Blind- Buried Vias:- Available
15) Gold Tabs:- Available
16) Carbon Contacts:- Available
17) Peelable Mask:- Available
18) Edge Plating:- Available
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PCB Stencil

The primary purpose of using SMT PCB stencils is to facilitate the placing of a component onto aboard after a coat of solder paste is applied to it. Get Quote!

Component Sourcing

We work with all major global distributors like RS Components Sourcing, Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Arrow, etc. so we can deliver reliability and traceability to the your door.Get Quote!

PCB Assembly

We have a state of the art set up at our manufacturing facility in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, India to provide a reliable and cost effect PCB Assembly.Get Quote!

Design Guideline:

It's observed that PCB designers are concentrating their attention on electronic parameters for design guideline. Keeping eye on a large number of components available in the market, selecting the correct component and updating the component library they forgot to pay attention to the production capacity of their supplier. Get more details about the Design Guideline.


Purpose of this glossary is to provide you with meanings of the words and phrases explaining the PCB design and PCB circuit board construction while you deal with PCB POWER MARKET. Get more details about the Glossary.

RF Design and High-Frequency Board Manufacturing:

The performance of a product operating at high frequencies depends largely on the electrical characteristics of the PCB used for mounting and connecting its circuit components. The magnitude of the impact of the PCB board design increases exponentially with the increase of the operational frequency. More Details

PCB Power launched online High-Quality Power Stencils:

PCB POWER has now decided to start shipping high-quality laser PCB Stencils for its customers. More Details

Importance of Stencil for PCB Assembly:

PCB Stencil for Assembly is a thin sheet or foil of brass or stainless steel with a circuit pattern cut into it, matching the positional pattern of SMD on the printed circuit board for which the PCB Stencil is to be used. More Details  

Technical Capabilities:

1) Base material
2) Surface Finish
3) Layer construction & Impedance Design
4) Legend
5) Routing
6) Carbon
7) Drill Tolerances
8) Availabale Finishes
9) Special Technologies
10) Circuit Layers (Minimum capabilities in mm)
11) Drilling (All Values are in mm)
12) Solder Mask
13) Scoring
14) Copper Clearance from PCB Edge
15) Peelable
16) Other Tolerances
17) Legend Colours
18) Solder Mask Colours